High Point Medical Center Presents: What’s Keeping You Up at Night


Most of us have experienced trouble sleeping at one time or another. This is normal and usually temporary. But if sleep problems are a regular occurrence and interfere with your daily life, you may be suffering from a sleep disorder. And with more than 40 million Americans reporting sleep problems, you are not alone. 

Unfortunately, even minimal sleep loss can take a toll on your mood, energy, efficiency and ability to handle stress. Ignoring sleep problems and disorders can lead to poor health, weight gain, accidents, impaired job performance and relationship strain. If you want to feel your best, stay healthy and perform up to your potential, sleep is a necessity, not a luxury.

Join Dr. Gregory Mieden with High Point Medical Center Neuroscience for a revealing look at what is keeping you up at night and how you can sleep better, longer and more deeply. 

Tuesday, July 26
11:30 a.m. 
Millis Regional Health Education Center
600 N. Elm Street, High Point

To reserve your seat, call the Contact Center at (336) 878-6888.

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