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UNC Regional Physicians Neurosurgery can be your trusted place to receive treatment for central and peripheral nervous system diseases. The providers consist of three neurosurgeons and two neurosurgery physician assistants. We are part of High Point Regional Health.


Most people think of neurosurgery as being surgery of the brain, but it is much more. It is surgery of the entire nervous system. It is the specialty concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of injuries or diseases and/or disorders of the brain, spinal cord and column, and peripheral nerves within all parts of the body. We offer services on many levels through diagnosis, evaluation, treatment, critical care and rehabilitation for the nervous system.

We help patients suffering from neck and back pain, head trauma and a host of other illnesses. Depending on the nature of the injury, a neurosurgeon may provide surgical or non-surgical care. Neurosurgeons provide care to pediatric and adult patients, depending on their training. 


UNC Regional Physicians neurosurgeons work closely with other practices, such as orthopedics and neurology. The neurosurgeons may feel a patient's care may be more appropriately treated by other practices for various reasons. We only take patients that have been appropriately referred to us by another physician. The surgeons would prefer any back pain patients to be seen by the physicians at Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation first and then if there is a need for a surgical visit, be referred to us. In most cases, we require diagnostic testing before a patient is seen. 


What types of conditions are treated in our practice?


Back and neck pain, with appropriate referral

Compression fractures

Veterbral fractures - due to trauma or osteoporosis

Minimally invasive spinal surgery - for cecompression or stabilization/instrumentation

Spinal stenosis 

Skull fractures 


Epidural hematomas

Subdural hematomas

Brain tumors except brainstem

Pituitary tumors 


Chiari malformations 



Carpal tunnel syndrome 

Chronic pain with implantation of intrathecal medicine pump or spinal stimulator


What types of conditions are NOT treated in our practice?



Vascular malformations

Carotid stenosis

Trigeminal neuralgia

C1, C2 regions, fractures/dislocations/instability

Deep brain stimulation for Parkinson's or essential tremour

Pediatrics requiring Intensive care

Primary epilepsy surgery except for vagal nerve stimulator insertion

High level spinal cord injury



UNC Regional Physicians Neurosurgery welcomes new patients. We accept all major insurances, including Blue Cross and Blue Shield, UnitedHealthcare®, MedCost, Medicare, Medicaid, and others.

UNC Regional Physicians Neurosurgery Providers
Victor Freund, MD

Michaux Kilpatrick, MD
Mark Payne, PA

404 Westwood Avenue, Suite 201
High Point, NC 27262
Phone: (336) 884-1800
Fax: (336) 884-1814 

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